Moorditj Noongar Community College is not a local enrolment school. As such, you will need to apply to Moorditj and complete a Part A enrolment form. To be accepted at Moorditj the following factors will need to be considered;

    1. There is space on the bus service for the child
    2. There is space in our classroom for the child
    3. Moorditj is considered the most appropriate placement for the child

Please note that the following paper work will be required;

      1. Birth Certificate or extract or other identity documents
      2. Copies of Family Court or any other court orders (if applicable)
      3. Proof of address
      4. Information relating to suspensions
        Information relating to health or medical condition, disability or additional needs (if applicable)
      5. If your child is not a permanent resident of Australia, you must provide evidence of current visa subclass and previous visa subclass (if applicable, such as if current visa is a bridging visa)
Part A Enrolment Form
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